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Official! Anzac biscuits unblock creativity

The BBWF blogger always notices at workshops that many of other participants have fascinating books in the pipeline. I hear snippets of their lives, and stories, and very often think, yes, I’d read your book. So get writing.

Stories were shared in the sunshine at the Ewingsdale Hall for the workshop, Stories Are Made Of Scenes, run by Alan Close and Sarah Armstrong.  Workshoppers loved hanging out with others who love playing with words. There is a sense of community and connection that comes from  time spent writing together. And there was something magical about that quiet intensity as heads were bent, with the workshoppers writing furiously. Each person came away with a sense of achievement and pages and pages of writing, shaped into compelling stories, each in their unique voice.

Could it be something in the Anzac biscuits made by Nicola Garnsey from the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre and found out all the workshops? The BBWF blogger thinks there is something in those biscuits.

Marian Edmunds

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The BBWF blogger is writer and journalist Marian Edmunds. She works as a freelance journalist, PR, and creating social media content, and is also a writer of fiction. Marian has worked at the Financial Times / in London and written for major and obscure publications in Australia and elsewhere. She posts to this blog freely.

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