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This group of readers want space

A new writing friend attended the workshop, Catch a Writing Star with Melaina Faranda, about writing for YA audiences. These authors access their inner teen, and their novels convey a strong sense of hope. Is living with a YA author like living with a teenager asks the BBWF blogger?

Did you know that YA readers don’t like dense text?

They like white space.

I guess they like room for their own thoughts.

The group heard that it’s good to start and end chapters on a hook, and start with the conflict. If you want to describe a particular feeling, use verbal stimulants. Think of a food or a fruit, and then write about your physical response such as your saliva.

We are not always full of energy. If your stocks are depleted write the bits of your manuscript that are interesting and exciting and then fill in gaps, before redrafting or editing the work.

Apart from space, what else do YA readers want?

Marian Edmunds


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