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As exciting as the invention of the printing press

The BBWF blogger has heard Margaret Simons, journalist, novelist and passionate gardening writer speak at writers and media events and attended a workshop with her a few months ago to find out how she fits everything in. Simons is very disciplined about working when her children head off to school. She is passionate about media and the opportunities and is excited about the digital opportunities for writers. “I am thinking about starting an internet based publication in the next couple of years, based on the suburb where I live, and I would certainly write about that. “

Digital opportunities are the future for journalists and for probably a large element of writing as well, she says.

“ It’s so exciting, lots of threat, but heaps of opportunities, and it’s not a matter of choice, we can’t just cling onto the old world, things are changing very fast.”

“ I think we are living through the period of change at least equivalent to the invention of the printing press. And that is an extremely funny thing when you think about all the things the printing press changed, democratic forms, people being able to identify with people that they’ve never met, and people who live in the neighbouring village hundreds of miles away, the printing press changed just about everything, and we are living right at the beginning of an equivalent change, and it’s exciting and frightening. “

“Those of us who care about what’s been good about journalism in the past and writing in the past, we have to start thinking about okay, what is really good about those things, what do we need to preserve, and what do we need to change, and what can we abandon.”

Marian Edmunds

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The BBWF blogger is writer and journalist Marian Edmunds. She works as a freelance journalist, PR, and creating social media content, and is also a writer of fiction. Marian has worked at the Financial Times / in London and written for major and obscure publications in Australia and elsewhere. She posts to this blog freely.

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