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Cate Kennedy speaks up for the rain delay

“I want to say something about the rain. All these people are saying Isn’t it a pity that it’s raining but I had THE BEST day. The town became a weird moveable feast of writers and readers having a chance to actually meet and coffee and chat. It was a surprise bonus. I think ever writers’ festival should have a compulsory rest day.”

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The BBWF blogger is writer and journalist Marian Edmunds. She works as a freelance journalist, PR, and creating social media content, and is also a writer of fiction. Marian has worked at the Financial Times / in London and written for major and obscure publications in Australia and elsewhere. She posts to this blog freely.

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  1. Anna says

    That’s all very well if you know people Cate. Alot of people travelled solo, and did not know soul to coffee with. I myself spent extra money I didn’t want to – or could afford to – and while i do understand the money is not refundable for Friday, and agree with that – there was no reason that the Festival Director could not have arranged for some (at least) of Friday’s festival program to be held IN SHELTER, in town.

    To give the rest of us something ‘to do’ besides coffee it alone (which is what i had to do – all day).

    They could have re-directed some sessions that day – I specifically came to Byron Bay Writers Festival to attend Friday’s sessions.

    I hope there is an incentive, as promised. It will show some consideration and might entice people to come back that are having second thoughts.

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