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Storytelling is a high art and a very important one

Miriam Margolyes is fascinated with genealogy having just discovered her great grandfather was a convict but she only wants to share this with her family.

“I don’t initiate projects really. I wait for somebody to come and ask me to do something, and in one way that’s one of the most irritating things about being an actress, because you have to wait for somebody to ask you be an actress, whereas when you are a writer, you can just be a writer, you don’t have to wait for anything but your inspiration.”

What makes a script stand out for Margolyes?

“Usually in a work there can be a journey, a change, a process, a movement, a discovery, and that is exciting, to be able to chart something that happens, something that is happening to a character. “

“Story telling is a high art, and a very important one. Actors are just filters really for the story – we assist the story on its way. I hope I’ll do lots of serious stuff as well as funny stuff, that’s what I enjoy. But I don’t have anything in my head; I’m an empty vessel waiting to be filled. “

Margolyes has her own show Dickens Women. “I love doing that – it’s quite exhausting, but I do like it, I love doing it, and I hope I’ll do that again. I’ve just finished a run of going around Australia last year.”
Marian Edmunds

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The BBWF blogger is writer and journalist Marian Edmunds. She works as a freelance journalist, PR, and creating social media content, and is also a writer of fiction. Marian has worked at the Financial Times / in London and written for major and obscure publications in Australia and elsewhere. She posts to this blog freely.

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