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Can we see more subtext on the page?

The session Not So Funny with Tim Ferguson, Julian Morrow, Miriam Margolyes and chaired by Jacqueline Woodman was one of the funniest of any BBWF seen by this blogger. Another was Sandy Gandhi’s launch of her book Enlighten Up which filled the bar late Saturday evening. Delivering comedy requires confidence, says Margolyes, who told a story about how director Norman Lear suggested a round of Jewish jokes told from a ladder might be just the thing to spark up a Hollywood performance of her Dickens’ Women show.

Julian Morrow answered the often asked question of late about where The Chaser team was during the Papal visited and suggested that it was not only up to them to subvert big events. He said the team was not like Batman to be called to any situation.

Unbelievably and excusably perhaps because of a long stint overseas, the BBWF blogger was not familiar with the work of Tim Ferguson beyond vague memories of reading reviews of the Doug Anthony Allstars in Edinburgh years ago. Ferguson likened the processes of working with too many producers in films to one of those little desk toys with the balls that bump each other. He thinks it’s best not to have too many balls. Julian Morrow said The Chaser team had no balls, as they created, directed and edited all their own work. He also told an audience member that she was wrong to think testicles are not funny.

Ferguson told a story told to him by scriptwriter Jan Sardi about the Hollywood director who was confused by a script, and told that the answers were in subtext. The director’s reply, can we see a little more subtext on the page? I think writing a blog about BBWF is a little like picking parts of the subtext to put on the page. Would love to share the joke that Miriam Margolyes finished the session with however that would be utter foolishness, for it is unmatchable in this fomat. For that, I am sorry but you had to be there.

Marian Edmunds


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