Month: July 2008

New author Zacharey Jane explores identity

The BBWF blogger overheard Zacharey Jane talking to a festival-goer and wanted to find out more.  Her first novel The Lifeboat published in April is about a man and a woman washed up on the shore of an island nation. They have no memory of who they are or how they got there or even who the other person is – they have complete dissasociative amnesia. The novel is told in the voice of a 21-year-old government interpreter, herself a migrant who is given two weeks to discover who they are, and how they came to be there before the worst is assumed. It is set in a time where there were still pirates – just after world war two. The core idea is about identity. Are we intrinsically ourselves? Do we grow up to be the person we were going to be or are we the sum total of our life’s events? It’s a juxtaposition of two people at the end of their lives or heading towards the end of their lives who should …

Research first for Nunn, then characters step in

Some authors write first and research later. Judy Nunn, author and actress, told the BBWF blogger that she loves to get the research down first. Nunn is 100 pages into writing her next novel which is about Maralinga in South Australia, and the British nuclear testing. After the research is in place, the characters take over, says Nunn. There are some real characters in the books so Nunn needs to travel carefully she says.  Australia has a short but wonderful history with no shortage of stories says Nunn. Once she has an idea for a book in her head Nunn keeps at it until it is done. Marian Edmunds

Singing the praises in the sunshine

As the author of 37 books under three pen names Colin Bowles attends many literary events. He halted the BBWF blogger in her tracks to register his appreciation of the efforts of Jeni Caffin and her team to get the festival  up and running after Friday’s rain delay. He thinks the pitching sessions by Northern Rivers authors and the writers’ cabaret were great innovations. Marian Edmunds

Breaking out from the West

Deborah Robertson is working on her second novel. “I’m at the stage when I wake up and think about it I want to get to the desk. It’s  simply the most enjoyable thing I am doing.” The BBWF blogger who spent some time in WA and has never made it back there was curious about  Robertson’s perspective about life in the West for an author. Robertson said the festival provided a  great break to leave the West and to realise there is a much bigger community of writers. Attending the event breaks down the distance of living in the west. “It’s a good place to work because there’s nothing else to do but it’s also isolating.”  Robertson’s first novel was Careless. Marian Edmunds