Month: July 2009

Welcome To The BBWF Blog 2009

It’s nearly festival time and this blog will cover the 2009 highlights. There will also be a Twitter feed. Never tweeted but wondering what it’s all about? Details of the Twitter feed and how to follow it, or participate, will follow in a later posting. The blog is intended to provide a forum so please feel welcome to comment on posts or to add your own observations. A few words on the blogger: My name is Marian Edmunds. I’m a writer and journalist. I make no claims to be a literary critic or reviewer. I am here as a writer and a reader, oh, and a blogger, and voluntarily. Posts will be based on my own observations during the festival. However there may be one or two guest posters and they will be identified on their posts. Welcome to Byron Bay Writers Festival 2009! Marian Edmunds Advertisements