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The Twitter guide for #BBWF09

Even if you’ve never Twittered and have no plans to you may still follow the comments on Twitter about the festival, or just about any topic you like.
But first, what is Twitter? Twitter is a micro-blogging service where people can post comments up to 140 characters long. It’s free and easy to join in. It’s different to Facebook where you have Friends. On Twitter you follow people or subjects that interest you. Or they follow you.
The best explanation of Twitter for beginners that I’ve found is this very short video by Commoncraft whose product is explanation.
If you want to follow the tweets (that’s the name of the posts made by Twitterers) from Byron Bay Writers Festival use the hashtaglabel #BBWF09. You can also search Byron Bay Writers Festival or #BBWF 09 which some may be using.
A good place to search is Search twitter .
If you are on Twitter, or join, my tweets can be followed on my Twitter.

If you are tweeting from the marquees please remember that less is often more, and please keep your phone volume down so that a session moderator doesn’t turn his or her attention to you with a loaded microphone.

Marian Edmunds


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