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What price the life of a child?

Peter Singer, the internationally renowned philosopher and author of 25 books, including Animal Liberation, started the Day For A Day programme with a call for action. He’s calling on people to think about what each of us can do individually to make the world a better place, and what each of us can do to help people in real poverty elsewhere in the world, because we don’t have that absolute poverty in Australia.

“And I’d like people to find out more about how they can do something about that either by reading my book The Life You Can Save or by going to website for the book, The Life You Can the website for the book to learn a lot more about what you can do.

People say they would sacrifice a new pair of shoes to go into a lake to save a dying child but there are things people could be doing every day to save a starving, said Singer.
Even putting the money they spend on bottled water, a commodity we can get freely from the tap, would help a starving child.

Singer spoke in Sydney a few days ago in Sydney commending the efforts of Sustainable Sydney 2030, however he said that the measures didn’t go far enough.
Passionate about cutting meat consumption, Singer is concerned about the production of methane from that industry.

He’s also concerned about food scarcity.
It’s crazy, says Singer, that we have a scarcity of food in some parts of the world and yet the world already produces more than enough food for everyone. A huge proportion of grain is fed to livestock, and in 2007, 100 m tonne of grain also went to bio-fuel production, and all of this is pushing up food prices.
Marian Edmunds


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