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I can (sic) make you love me

Musicians Brian Cadd and Don Walker rate the Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin song I Can’t Make You Love Me a global hit by Bonnie Raitt as one of their all time favourite songs. Walker first heard a demo played about 20 years ago in the head office of A&M Records in the US. The head of the company, a man who has heard a lot of songs, and Walker, who has heard a few songs himself, both cried. James Griffin, ABC radio presenter and singer/songwriter likes songs that merge talk and music such as Alice’s Restaurant. Both Cadd and Walker have seen a few of their own songs performed by others, sometimes not too successfully. Brian Cadd described a Cilla Black rendition of one of his songs as “itinerant screaming”. He also has the unusual accolade of having had a song go to the top of the charts twice in South Africa in Swahili. Cadd, with an electric shock of silver hair, played his hit Ginger Man. Don Walker advises letting go of a song when others perform it. He wrote his book Shots over coffee and cigars in the late afternoon as he cleared his mind to write songs. The books is an down-to earth selection of vignettes of life on the road in those parts of Australia we don’t hear nearly enough about. Walker performed the wonderfully humorous Angry Women.

Marian Edmunds


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