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Will it matter on the day you die?

Claire Leimbach & Zenith Virago are launching their book The Intimacy of Death & Dying.
As a closing comment to remind people not to sweat the small stuff Zenith Virago asked the question, ‘Will it matter on the day you die?’ on a panel with Susan Varga, author of Headlong, a very moving novel about how a daughter responds to her elderly mother’s request to help her end her life.
Varga described Virago’s book as a how-to-die-book, and her own as a how-not-to-die book. The novel was sparked by Varga’s personal experience with her mother who, having survived the holocaust by her wits and courage, had strong views about wanting to end her life.
In an incisive interview with David Leser, the profile writer, Varga said that the mother character in her book, and that her own mother left the inner rooms of life empty in the closing years of her life.
By Marian Edmunds


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