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Can Writing Reign Supreme?

To add to the expression used by Peter Skrzynecki, the odd pairing of the proverbial old tortoise, in Steve (beating to his own drum), and
two young hares, in Tom Cho and Angela Meyer, LiteraryMinded, struck a surprising balance in this session. Although, there was no winner,and this was no race, I did find the discussion most reassuring, and came away certain that of all crafts in this world, whizzing and whirling or not, writing IS supreme.
First of all, if the world is in such a state, as Tom pointed out, might it not be in fact at least partly because of the clamour of words. After all, it is a world of vowels, as suggested by Peter’s son, in which words like email, and iPhone habituate. As much as ever it’s an exciting time to be a writer, with a abundance of new technologies and online narrative forms, ever expanding the landscape of professional literary opportunities, and presenting new opportunities to “stretch your writing
muscles” and evolve too. Any financial concerns relating to life as a writer were thwarted by Tom’s recommendations of funding bodies as literary welfare agencies.
I was tremendously relieved to know that I’m not alone in my grand aspirations for some sense of immortality, in words. It’s just an ego thing claims Angela. Phew! So it’s normal I thought, and with good reason. As Plato, one of the most enduring Western writers would say, writers are always pregnant in the mind, who would love only to procreate in a beautiful medium. May that medium live on, whatever it be

Ryan Butler


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