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Healing words in Byron

I know one is meant to let people have it in blogs. Be critical. But I am too relaxed. Maybe a bit later. After lunch. Is there something in my tea and porridge? I made a point of catching the Doctor, Doctor session with Jacinta Halloran and Karen Hitchcock. Chair Murray Waldren was clearly enchanted by Karen, who has a rock star air about her to which she is oblivious.
I spoke to her later saying how much I am enjoying her book of short stories Little White Slips and she at first thought I was speaking to the author standing beside her.
Both she and Jacinta Halloran have these two completely separate compartments of writing and medicine in their lives. Both said they couldn’t function purely as a writer. Medicine gets them out of the house. Jacinta works as a GP and therefore is thinking about how to solve problems all day. In that way it’s a lot like writing, she says.

Marian Edmunds


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