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Where real news is found

I must admit to a serious unfamiliarity with the literary magazine. I say serious because my sudden awareness of it has filled enormous void in my knowledge about where it is I am supposed to get the real news from- that is, thoroughly researched, well written, informative, and penetrating writing which says something true and important about our society and our culture. As a vehicle for the journalistic phenomenon of creative non fiction, the literary magazine appears to be in a unique position among modern media producers. Largely free of the space restrictions and corporate and budgetary pressures experienced by the majority of major newspapers and magazines, the freedom to publish articles of up to several thousand words puts such publications in a league of their own. Divisive lines became apparent between Phillip Edmonds of Wet Ink, Ben Naparstek Phillip Edmonds of The Monthly and Julianne Schultz of Griffith Review regarding the role of the academic and the responsibilities of the University in the public sphere, not only insular but to the community. But one point remained unanimous, that the medium literary magazine itself does possess a power to cut a cross-section in the social and cultural fabric of our country and can influence public discussion and political awareness.

Ryan Butler


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