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Laughter galore in Bangalow ‘tin’ hall

Bangalow’s historic A & I hall’s unique pressed metal hall resounded last night to the laughter at the comic storytelling by compere Tim Ferguson who wrote the book about writing comedy, .
Libbi Gorr who has written The A To Z Of Mummy Manners: An Etiquette Guide For Managing Other Children’s Mothers And Assorted Mummy Dilemmas Mandy Nolan,
Fiona Scott-Norman is a woman of comedic and writerly talents who has written a book with two covers 50 Reasons to Quit/Keep Smoking and she was a scream. Then there was Charlie Pickering, author of Impractical Jokes and a hilarious man.
It was night of stand-up with jokes mostly unrepeatable on a family blog – no, mainly because the laughs came so fast – and with cakes cooked by Boy Scouts. What more could anyone ask for?

Marian Edmunds


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