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Should journalists be impartial?

Jane Hutcheon, Michele Nayman, Niki Savva deal with the age old question of the impartial journalist each day at work. At this Saturday morning session at the 2011 Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, they explore objectivity in the news world. The session was chaired by Alex Easton from The Northern Star.

Jane Hutcheon is a senior ABC journalist and presenter of One Plus One on ABC News 24, and is the author of From Rice to Riches. Michele Nayman is a UK-based writer and author of Jetlag among others. She has worked as a journalist with The Age, The National Times and The Guardian. Niki Savva was one of the most senior correspondents in the Canberra Press Gallery and is the author of So Greek: Confessions of a Conservative Leftie.

Listen to highlights from Should journalists be impartial?

Highlights edited by Southern Cross University media student Justin Fenwick.


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