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Welcome to the blog for 2012

In a weeks’ time the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival will be in a full swing and I maybe squeezed in the middle of the SCU Marquee listening to former Green Party leader, Senator Bob Brown where there will be some discussion of carbon emissions or maybe I will be sampling some of Morris Gleitzman’s Pizza Cake (lots of carbs there). That’s the thing – the choice of writers to see and hear ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous depending on your world view. Hearing writers talk about their stories can alter or open that view, or reinforce the view you have now.
The blogging team is going to bring you lots a posts, images and footage. The team includes me, Marian Edmunds, blogging here for my fifth year, and joined again by Jeanti St. Clair and a great team of SCU students. They include Marnie Johnston, Aaron Monopoli, Emily Handley, Ajita Cannings, Rebecca Brown, Blair Casey, Margot Laidley-Scott, David Wilton, Thomas Weir, Michelle Sim, Rachel Pierssene, Callan Brunsdon, Kristie Yates, Kiera Patrick, Skye Prescott, Justin Fenwick. We won’t see or cover everything. What we will bring will be individual observations and anecdotes. You may agree, or not! There’s a lot of brain food but still too much even for our enlarged team to bring you everything. Of course that’s where social media comes into play. For you are encouraged to join in and comment on out postings or share your own anecdotes and that you can look back at when it’s all behind us for another year. If you would like to follow things on twitter look for #bbwf or #bbwf2012. The short link to this blog is The long link is Here is the Facebook link

So we look forward to engaging with the writers, and with you.

Marian Edmunds



  1. scumediastudents says

    I am very excited to be part of the SCU team of students blogging at this years Festival and look forward to enticing, dismaying and titillating you with my take on the writers and their texts!

  2. scumediastudents says

    … and there is my first lesson .. add your name!

    Cheers Margo L-Scott

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