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A narration often mistaken for psychosis

Adrian Franklin says the whole psychology of labeling collecting ad obsession is not warranted. Researchers are compelled by their research and sometimes people mistake this for psychosis.
But really they are pursuing a narrative. Franklin has pursued the narrative of some of the least blokey collections he could. He collects vases,
“I think I have got more vases than any other man in history. I am quite proud of accumulating a collect of vases. It’s not because I like bases, it is because vases enable non-wealthy people to have works of art.”
One the people who said the most about vases was Picasso. He loved vases and Picasso found out they were items most people could put in their houses. Franklin’s other non-blokey collection is of curtains. He started this when he discovered that Henry Moore, fresh out of art school designed 30 curtains. Many artists, France Bacon and John Piper included designed curtains. There is an equality among collectors.

Gay Bilson has collected bowls and nests. All of it somehow relates to gowpen, the cupping of hands. The bowl is already sociable made by someone and already shared.
Nicole Moore has written about the absent library, the books a county keeps away itself. Before 1973, 15,000 books were banned by Customs because they were viewed as seditious or violent. There were 510 literary books also banned. Some are not so interesting because Australia banned book’s that no one else has. If a book had literary merit it went to the board for consideration.
Among Moore’s collection are pulp fictions books. She’s had fun collecting Micky Spillane books of which 22 were banned.

Marian Edmunds


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