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Dear you. Letter from a woman

Marieke Hardy – ever popular and handing out lovely aerogrammes. Photo by Marian Edmunds

Dear You,
Marieke Hardy handed out aerogrammes (remember those?) all stamped and ready to go at the Women of Letters session. Who do we write to, people asked? “Anyone you like,” said Marieke. The second book from the Woman of Letters series is out in October. . Michaela McGuire MCed the session, bringing together a set of women all with very special letters – Charlotte Wood, and Jane Caro who described a letter she found when researching Elizabeth, the real life heroine of her novel, Just A Girl. Elizabeth had cross-hatched the remaining spaces of a letter for fear of her opponents getting their hands on it to protect herself; Sophie Cunningham, acclaimed fantasy author Isobelle Carmody who handwrites letters to fans and this can take years because she receives so many; novelist and founding member of prison advocacy group Sisters Inside Melissa Lucashenko; and playwright Hannie Rayson whose letter had an amusing connection to Prince Charles. It was a hot session and we did all require the sunscreen, towels, and calypso outfits it had been suggested we bring.
I can only wonder where those aerogrammes will end up. My own well….. it is sealed with a kiss. x


Marian Edmunds



  1. Prue Ryan says

    Is there a publication of the 6 stories….the person I would have become if I had stayed in that relationship ? I loved it …how clever they all were! Highlight of my day at the festival….apart from the rest of the day…so good congratulations . Prue

  2. Laura Jan Shore says

    Was there a recording of that session? I also loved it and would love to hear it again.
    Thanks. Laura

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