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It’s on : Byron Bay Writers’ Festival

Funny... and they can write

Amiable writers… DBC Pierre and Denise Scott

Watch this space over the next three days for a dizzying array of writers’  views and anecdotes  from Byron Bay Festival presented by our blogging crew.  There’s much to look forward on this first day, big names and new names, such as Hanabeth Luke (on first up), who has written about finding peace after the Bali bombings.

I spent yesterday morning at DBC Pierre’s  workshop, How To Write Without Dying, a journey across the chequer board of action and reflection,  art and the carpentry, and how you can get away with the madness and keep it safe from the editor’s knife if you embed it well enough within the structure.

I arrived outside the launch party to see DBC Pierre photographing a phone box. Disposing of his cigarette butt, he offered to walk me in. I thought it a rather nice way to arrive. He is most amiable. Inside a woman greeted me enthusiastically, and said “Are you?…..” I wondered what she would say, what author acclaim. She said, “Are you ……………………Amy’s mum?”

Also amiable and genuinely easy to talk to is Denise Scott, who more than once in the night was spotted by fans of Winners And Losers. We talked about old bathtubs and I asked her about her second book.

I caught up with Cate Kennedy whose recent Radio National piece about the words children invent had me smiling one recent Sunday afternoon as I iced the gazillionth cup cake.

As I winded my way home, I bumped into Anne Summers in the supermarket, as you do at Byron. It’s how it is here. Relaxed. Friendly. Starting now.

Marian Edmunds


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