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Richard Clapton: The Best Years of Our Lives

Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton (Image supplied)

In a very animated and humorous discussion, session chair Simon Marnie dug deep into the rock star life of Richard Clapton on Saturday of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2014.

With the release of his memoir, The Best Years of Our Lives, Clapton shed light on some of his past exploits and adventures.

Marnie asked how it is Clapton could remember such detail when it comes to his stories, and received a very blunt answer.

“It’s the drugs,” Clapton said, laughing.

But amidst all the humour about the rock and  roll lifestyle, Clapton explained that the memoirs had to be run by his daughters before being published. After reading it they described his life now as being in the “no fun zone”, he said.

“Society has shifted so much in the last forty years… things I thought were the fabric of our generation, are now quite shocking,” Clapton explained.

Clapton’s stories certainly had large amounts of laughter coming from the Feros tent at the festival and perhaps left us feeling as though our own previous convictions weren’t so bad.

Sophie Sambrook is a Southern Cross Media student.


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