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The Woman of Many Parts: misogyny, menopause and being human

Tara Moss and Kate Holden, discussing women's issues. Photo credit: Cath Pliltz

Tara Moss and Kate Holden, discussing women’s issues.
Photo credit: Cath Pliltz

What do you call a trio of feminists?

Kate Holden, Jean Kittson and Tara Moss were called to the Feros Marquee for a conversation titled The Woman of Many Parts.

The talk, chaire by Matthew Condon, gave the women a chance to talk about their experiences with misogyny, frequently setting them up with questions that allowed for indepth responses to how it is still prevalent.

When probed about a quote from her book In My Skin, where Kate Holden had questioned if she even liked having sex, Holden thanked Condon for not referring to her as an ex-sex worker and ex-heroin addict, “like everybody else does”, and then went on to talk about it.

Jean Kittson, a woman of many parts. Photo credit: Cath Piltz

Jean Kittson, a woman of many parts.
Photo credit: Cath Piltz

Then Jean Kittson, an Australian writer and comedian, spoke about her experience with menopause. We heard about the hot flushes, the mood swings, the pain of it. When I zoned back in she was describing who she did and didn’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in front of during her child-raring days. Perhaps to get her back on track, Condon asked what she thought of the word ‘men’ being in ‘menopause’.

“Menopause, menstruation even women, when a ‘men’ is in it, it’s not good,” she said.

Then Condon then asked the panel what their favourite part was:

“For me it would definitely have to be motherhood,” replied Holden.

“I was talking about body parts,” said Condon, coming from perhaps a more male perspective.

“Oh, well, then definitely my mouth,” Kittson quipped.

“My favourite part,” interjected Moss, “would be being a human being.”

This prompted an awe-fuelled applause from the inspired audience.

Bridie Tanner is a Bachelor of Media student at Southern Cross University.


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  1. penelope says

    I wish someone would introduce Jean Kitson one of the awesome women who talk about the real joys of menopause (the independence, the power, the relief, the joy and wisdom) because it’s pretty annoying to have this country go from half spoken myths about menopause to one woman’s (comedian) personal negative experience (that she seems to think is entertaining). I suggest: Joan Boyrsenko, Dr Chrisitane Northrup, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Dr Claudia Welch… even Suzanne Somers!

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